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AUTOR(A): Greg Keyes


NOMBRE DEL ARCHIVO: The Blood Knight.pdf

ISBN: 9780330419475

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'Something was coming for her. It began as an insect, but it grew, its many eyes fastened greedily on her. Something had followed her back. But back from where? Where was that place of dark waters?' A season of darkness and horror has fallen upon the Kingdom of Crotheny. Now countless breeds of unspeakable monsters roam the countryside. After her husband's murder, Queen Muriele finds herself at the mercy of Robert Dare who plans a strategic marriage for his hostage to secure his own power in Crotheny. Muriele's fiancee is Berimund Reiksbaurg, heir to the throne of Hansa and descendant of the legendary Blood Knight, who once drank the blood of a warm to gain the beast's power. But will Dare's plans really work out even? Meanwhile, Princess Anne awakes from a deep, trance like sleep after a bloodthirsty battle with the monsters the Briar King has unleashed. Her guardian Sir Neil MeqVren and their escort are nowhere to be seen and Anne embarks on a perilous journey desperate to track down her travel companions...'The best reinvention of the big fantasy epic since George R. R. Martin' - "Time Out".

Back to the Crusades, where a battle within the very sanctuary of the church would give rise to the KNIGHTS OF THE BLOOD THE ORDER OF THE SWORD As the priest elevated the chalice—now containing the Blood of Christ, if the Christian faith were true—SS Officer Kluge stared at the gray-haired knight kneeling closest to the altar.

It is worth noting that critical strike becomes slightly better in dungeons. Stat Outline. Critical Strike: Death Knights best offensive stat, but one of the worst defensively, only beating mastery.. Haste: Increases attack speed and more importantly rune regeneration.The more haste you have, the better versatility becomes, but the more haste you have the smoother and quicker the spec will be.